7 Remote Learning Secrets!

We are all going through it together! Not sure what I’m talking about? How many of you did not imagine your child’s/children’s first day of school is on a laptop? My daughter started kindergarten on September 16, 2020. I took the day off to prep her for it. Like many kindergartners, she had mixed feeling about the idea of remote learning. She was excited, confused, shy, and tired.

Okay, now with that out of the way, I’m super excited to share the top 7 secrets I discovered on my OWN path to achieving remote learning success. Let’s start with #1!

The 7 Secrets to Quicker and Easier Remote Learning WITHOUT Yelling, Bribery, or Sweets

Secret #1

Get ready for the day the same way you did when your child went to school!

We are now our child’s co-teacher; set structure, and a routine. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and have a great breakfast. Doing these things prepares us for the day and gets us into the right state of mind. You may find that you or your child will not be as motivated to learn if you don’t get into a routine. Structure and routine are very important for a child’s mental health.

Call to Action: What does the morning of getting ready for remote learning look like in your home?

Secret #2

Create a quiet learning space

Do your best to create a quiet space where distractions can be minimized. This is very important because it gives your child the opportunity to focus and be comfortable. If your child moves around a lot, check to see if their chair/yoga ball and/or their workspace is suitable for their size. In order to create a quiet space, be sure it is at a place your child feels comfortable. For example, don’t place your child next to a window that lets in cold or hot air. Do ask your child for their input about what feels comfortable for him/her.

Call to Action: What does your child/children’s space look like?

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Secret #3

Reach out for help

It’s okay to speak up about our frustrations. Homeschooling our precious love is new to some of us. We are all doing out best to make sure things are running smoothly, like the Wi-Fi network, practicing logging into meetings. Asking for help speaks volumes. It shows that you care and wan the best for your child. It’s very important to be an advocate for your self and child. Be sure to connect with your child’s teacher to express your thoughts.

Call to Action: Who have you reached out to?

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Secret #4

Do your best to remain positive

Homeschooling is new to some of us. It is our new normal and we have to do our best to remain positive! Positivity helps us with our patience. We are not all born with patients, we should do our best to believe and model it for our children. Sometimes we may notice things like the teacher not calling on our child. I’ve been there and I had to remind myself that the teacher is doing his/her best to include everyone in the class. Think about it this way, this might be a new experience for the teacher as well. Let’s do our best to take more deep breaths and try not to take everything personally.

Call to Action: What are you doing to feed yours and your love’s well being?

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Secret #5

Change the scenery

After over six months on lockdown, being outdoors will inspire parents and kids in many ways. Reflecting on the amount of time we have spent at home and inside. Now, is more important for our children to get some natural sunshine. Learning outdoor provides thought-provoking ways to connect with nature itself. If you are not able to be outside, maybe choo

Call to Action: How did you change your child’s learning scenery?

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Secret #6

Positive reinforcement

According to research, the more you pay attention to healthy and not so healthy behaviors, the more you will understand the root of the behaviors. Our new normal is tough at times, so we must do our best to give our children positive feedback. While in this new virtual learning world, be sure to reinforce your precious love as they follow strategies for achievement, and establish thoughtful behavior. Doing so will boost their confidence and set them up for greatness!

Call to Action: In what ways do you show yourself and your child(ren) positive reinforcement?

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Secret #7

Accept imperfection

“No one is perfect.” We all may have heard this phrase a few times in our lives. We as caregivers are now part of our children’s classroom, which may make our children feel like they are in a fishbowl. We are more involved in their learning than before so now we can see what they color outside of the line. Or even struggle to solve math problems. Guess what? That is perfectly okay because they are not perfect. Accept the imperfection and take times like that to bond and connect while you work together to solve the math problems. Laugh at the tough moments and just watch how a loving and trusting bond will flourish. Did you know that perfection delays learning and accomplishment?

Call to Action: How are you embracing imperfection?

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