Your Precious Love supports parents through peaceful parenting coaching and supports children through developmental play. We invented a cardboard playhouse to help children process their challenging behaviors while playing. Through our website, parents can learn science-backed methods that help boost their child’s self-esteem and their confidence in parenting. Parents can also shop from our services and toys that can support their peaceful connections with their children.


We believe the importance of learning about child development and peaceful parenting is very essential. Our mission is to bring awareness to change the way people parent. 



As a parent, I often yell at my kids, just like 90% of parents with kids. Does this sound like you? One day I realized my frustrations were lowering my children’s self-esteem, so I started practicing peaceful parenting. What is that? Great question! Picture this, one morning both parents are rushing to get the kids ready for school because everyone woke up late. You ask your strong-willed 6-year-old to put her shoes on multiple times, she says “NO.” Both parents stop during the craziness and yells, “put your shoes on now! It’s your fault we’re running late.” Now there’s a crying child and two upset parents. Has this ever happened to you? During these frustrating moments, our company Your Precious Love can teach you about emotional intelligence so you to respond to your child in a positive way. 

Hi, I’m Nahomie Johnson. I am a mommy to two precious loves. I have 13 years of experience in early childhood development. For the past 9 years, I have been working in the Pediatric Oncology department with patients and families.

God blessed me with the opportunity to receive my Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling – specialized in Certified Trauma Specialist, a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Studies, and an Associates in Arts in Early Childhood Education. I shared my education background with you to say, I am truly embedded in learning and helping you grow your knowledge about peaceful parenting and early childhood development.

Join us to learn more about how parents and children can regulate their emotions before blaming and shaming!

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