Jai’s Playhouse


Jai’s Playhouse (formerly My Precious House) is a children’s playhouse that invites creativity and open-ended play.  Its simplicity enables the kind of imaginative play that we know is essential for brain development. In addition, it has carefully designed details — a door, two windows, a light switch, a clock, and a mirror — that promote gross motor skills, fine motor skills, curiosity, and learning about the self and one’s body. 

This playhouse is a behavioral toy that helps children manage their behavior in a mindful way.

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Children find Jai's Playhouse absorbing. The house encourages children to play on their own, and also to create shared imaginary scenes with adults or other children.

Jai's Playhouse is made from high-quality, sustainable cardboard. Its unique folding design makes it easy to set up or take down for storage and sets it apart from lesser quality playhouses on the market. It is made in the US!