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About Precious Love

As a parent, I often yell at my kids. Just like 90% of parents with kids. Does this sound like you? One day I realized my frustrations were lowering my children’s self-esteem, so I started practising peaceful parenting. What is that? Great question. Picture this, one morning both parents are rushing to get the kids ready for school because everyone woke up late. You ask your strong-willed 6-year-old to put her shoes on multiple times, she says “NO.” Both parents stops during the craziness and yells, “put your shoes on now! It’s your fault we’re running late.”

Now there’s a crying child and two upset parents. Has this ever happened to you? During these baffling moments, our company Your Precious Love can teach you how to control that disheartening feeling inside so you can choose to respond to your child peacefully. Join us and let us be your handbook to peaceful parenting. 

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